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"You don't steal the cake mix if you ain't stole the bowl!"

- Mike E. Winfield


http://variety.com/2014/tv/news/straight-out-report-logo-tv-stephen-guarino-mike-e-winfield-1201341089/The Straight Out Report

LGBT-themed cabler Logo TV has launched into the world of comedic and satirical news programs with “The Straight Out Report,” which it plans to debut on Nov. 7.

In a similar vein to “The Colbert Report” and “Last Week Tonight,” the show will feature openly gay Stephen Guarino sparing with straight co-host Mike E. Winfield on the cultural highs and lows of the week.

“By spotlighting each host’s distinct and hilarious viewpoint, ‘The Straight Out Report’ not only offers a fresh perspective on the headlines and newsmakers of the day, but also underscores that comedy is the perfect device to emphasize our similarities and differences,” said Pamela Post, vice president of programming at Logo TV.

Guarino and Winfield will have weekly segments with names like “Enough With The …,” “The IT List,” “Unintentional Gay Moment,” “THIS Was Actually On Television,” “Trendspotting,” “Your New Best Friend” and “Feud For Thought.” “The Straight Out Report” will also include a weekly guest appearance from a social media star.

The show is created by Adam de la Pena, who has written “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Crank Yankers,” “The Man Show” and “Code Monkeys.”  Post and Stevenson Greene serve as exec producers for Logo TV.

Guarino is a comedian and actor best known for playing Derrick on ABC’s “Happy Endings,” a character he has carried over to NBC’s “Marry Me.” He was previously a member of Logo TV’s “The Big Gay Sketch Show.” Winfield made his debut on “The Late Show with David Letterman” before landing a recurring role on NBC’s “The Office.”

From Time to Time I Post a REVIEW

Saw this guy in Kirkland – best show I’ve seen in a long time. Not raunchy, just intelligent, super funny commentary about things nobody would think are all that funny. I came out of there feeling like I had been beat up, my stomach and sides were hurting from laughing so much. This guy is going to be big-time someday, glad I can say I saw him in a small club.



You Smell That?

It’s a new beautiful day and people are still stupid, but I’m not concerned with that. I’m only concerned with the decision if I’m gonna wear boxers or boxer briefs. Obvious choice right? Birds are chirping, and I know something very amazing is going to happen today. I’m in a productive mood, and if music was bumping right now, I’d do that one dance that nobody can stop. It’s an original.