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"You don't steal the cake mix if you ain't stole the bowl!"

- Mike E. Winfield

Embarrassing Stuff You Do As A Kid

In 5th grade I played little league baseball. On tv, I saw this guy Ozzie Smith on the Saint Louis Cardinals do a cartwheel when he went on the field, so I did it in my game, and looked so stupid. I didn’t immediately think that. It was years later when I was like, “Why did I do that?” Why didn’t I keep responsible people around me to keep me from those types of decisions? Why didn’t I ask my dad first? I remember this kid saying, “Did you just do a cartwheel?” I put my head down.     “Uh… Yeah.”


One sign that your kid is a hater. Wife and I are sitting at the table, each on our laptops, minding our own business. Then he comes to my screen and says, “Dad, whose that girl.” Me: What girl? “The one that was on your screen before you clicked it off.” ‪#‎TIMETOINSTITUTEASSBEATING‬