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"You don't steal the cake mix if you ain't stole the bowl!"

- Mike E. Winfield


First of all, I’m on the Arsenio Hall show! Second of all, I’m backstage with R. Kelly! Thee R Kelly, KEEP IT ON THE DOWN LOW R. KELLY. I’m about to tell some jokes, and you never know how you’re gonna be received. I feel so good right now, and this crowd is hot. And my gear! I’m feeling so fresh. I feel sexy, and It’s not because I hear R. Kelly singing in the other room. I wanna give a big thanks to Arsenio Hall, All my fans, my manager, my agency, my crew of assistants, and the support of my family, that includes everyone I’m related to.

Don’t Get Me Started

So me and my lady are walking out of the store. She’s checking the receipt like women do, when this old playa approaches from behind. I’d say around 60 years old and from Africa. He’s like is this your sister? I say Naw, that’s my wife. And then he’s like, Well, you have a nice wife. And then I say “I know I have a nice wife!” I look at her and even louder I say, “Is this old playa tryna get slapped in front of Walmart!?” Rhetorical, but you gotta let these grandfathers know. So I grabbed his cane and kicked it in the street. Security was looking but I knew he wouldn’t bother us. He looked like that person who says, They don’t pay me enough to be fighting crime out here.”


As funny as you are, you’re still like, “I hope there’s a line at this show.” When no one is there, it’s not fun. I don’t care what people say. Some people say, “I don’t care if it’s 1 or 1000.” I’ll be honest, I perform differently if there’s 4 people vs. 900 in the audience. I’m gonna have A LOT more fun with the 900 people. At the end of the show with the 4 people, I’m probably gonna apologize and give them some free tickets to a future show. Shoot, I’ll probably be apologizing for the entire performance. It’s nothing like being in front of 900 audience members who came to laugh. Those 4 people should have been at THAT show, and the one with the 4 people should have been canceled. Whoever is reading this right now, I need you to look at my schedule make sure there is NEVER only 4 people at any show where people came to see me. Best, MEW

Miss My Girls Softball Team

I use to play girl’s softball until one day this aggressive left hander hit me with the pitch and I felt like she did it on purpose. That was the second inside pitch in a row, and remember she’s left handed and I bat right, so it was forced, so I rushed the mound and tackled her before anyone else could come in between us. She was cussing, calling me a chump, and said I needed to stop telling jokes about ugly girls. That’s when I knew it was personal. I had her pinned down, and someone was pulling on my neck and I couldn’t breathe really, but I yelled to her that I wasn’t even talking about her and she needs to grow up and be a fan or stop coming to my shows being all judgmental. I did all that while being choked. I got ejected which was messed up b/c I’m the one who got hit and battered. I also hold the record as the only dude ever to get thrown out of a girl’s softball game in the Rancho Cordova Woman’s Softball League. I still don’t know who was choking me from the back.

Wyoming and Montana

I just left Wyoming and Montana, and actually had fun. It’s cool sometimes being the only black person in a state. The driving part wasn’t cool. I was driving up a snowy hill like I was Shelia on Why Did I Get Married 1. I never want to have that experience again. Two lane highway full of ice. I got into the game for jokes, not for any more near death experiences. People always say its all about the story, well this time it wasn’t nothing funny about almost sliding off the road into a chicken shed. One time I pulled over so this 4WD truck could pass by me. My car started sliding down the hill into the ditch. I had to lean to the left then slightly hit the reverse pedal at about 2mph, like I was in some action/adventure movie. I was like, “Man, if I fall into a ditch, that would be kinda funny.” I saw wild animals. I mean like no fence, just horses and elk. Then I saw a sign that said bear crossing. Why am I not in LA?