In LAS VEGAS for 7 Days

Today in was in Nebraska doing a competition for the Great American Comedy Festival. It honors the hometown of Johnny Carson. I’m competing with many comedians who have been on the David Letterman show multiple times, comedians who I have looked at and said, “I have a lot of work to do.” I was performing on the second night and one observation I noticed of the comics performing on the first night was that they were ALL dressed up, nice, suits and ties. They looked really respectful. I actually didn’t bring clothing to perform in. I have the old threads that I came in and a couple of old t shirts just for casual kicking it, but nothing really to perform in. So I start thinking, “I need to step up my fashion game.” This thought came to me as we were passing the Salvation Army. Why not? is one of the theories that I live by. While inside it seemed that most of the clothing had a funny smell, but they had some deals!! I think I spent about $14 and I left with about five items, two of which were sportscoats. I was prepared to look like a light purple comedy pimp, and excited too. One the running jokes for the evening was that I was being excelled by the spirit of the dead guy’s coat. We don’t know if this guy died, but it was funnier that way. I did advance to the finals, but I guess there’s no way to really tell if the sportcoat donator was dead or if his powers were being transmitted into successful sets for me. Thanks for coming. Leave a message.

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1.SexyNEducated i saw him @ punchline sacramento last night and if he was the main event Our party would of walked out. 2. So he came to my school and I thought “he looks like one of us….well one of me at least.” The white people tried to stifle their laughs when he brought out the race card. I was laughing so hard my chest hurt. -Breanna 3. “Hey Mike, great show tonight. I was in Vegas last week and I saw Carrot Top. Your show blew his away.” -Ryan from Oshkosh University 4.I saw him perform in Sac. He had me and my gf in tears when he pointed out how different a face can look just by tilting your head up and down. I was telling my lady the same thing a week ago but his delivery on stage was priceless. Happy to creepy. -Tesh 5. I was visiting a friend in sacramento and we went to the punchline when you were there last month and i laughed until I cried, you were hilarious! I went to rooster t feathers yesterday excited that you were going to be there and you weren’t there! I was really bummed about it sad -Sara