New Business Hours

Yes its four o’clock in the morning but I’ve did just about every duty that I can do as the man of the house. This is my only time alone unless I’m in another state or country. It’s so quiet and beautiful at this very second. The only noise I can hear is my fingers typing and the snoring of a mysterious infant. In order for this greatness thing to manifest, I have adopted new hours. If this is the time when I’m going to have to write and structure, what other options do I have. Did I tell you? I signed with Gersh Agency. Anyways, I’m looking forward to the new year like I look forward to the next hour. I’m ready to fight. I’m about to learn how to not sleep. It just gets in the way anyways. I’ve been playing Boggle lately so my mind is sharper than penguin nipples. Thanks for sharing this brief time, but back to work.

I’m Not Going To Lose

I want to win because losing sucks. Why do we tell kids, “It’s not whether you win or lose…” You know, when you see the other team holding up their trophies that is a hurtful feeling. That is also a long ride home when you lose. Currently, in my situation, I’m winning and I’m gonna continue to play hard.  I hate to lose. I did when I was a child and I do now. Losing is for losers and all our situations can change if we want them to. I am putting myself in positions to be victorious and allowing the path to take it’s course. When I have lost is when I no longer have the desire to try.

If I Was A Pimp

I wouldn’t slap them. I would say, “Don’t do that again girl, I’M TELLING YOU!! You’d better watch it.” Everyday I would tell them that there are better ways to make money, but if you enjoy this, there is no reason to leave. We all have a different calling, maybe this is yours and who am I to get you off track of your life’s purpose. Someone has to do it, I guess. If they wanted to get off early, I would allow them to every once in a while. I would say, “Ok, but don’t make this a habit.” I wouldn’t even ask her what’s going on. Its really none of my business. Maybe its the kids or her day job or something. If she was to become pregnant, there is NO and I say NO maternity leave. This business is hard enough and she should know how to protect herself properly. Maybe after the baby I would allow her to come back to work. I would even organize the baby shower, but if and when she comes back, she’d better not bring the baby to work and expect me to do the baby sitting. I don’t play that, even if its mine.

This Girl Said I Was Shy

I’m not a shy person. I don’t think so. I can have a mellow demeanor. This is a weird contradiction b/c I love performing, but I don’t have to be the “life of the party,” I just enjoy being there. When called on, thats when I do all my talking. My latest lesson is that lately, I’m being called on quite a bit, and it is time to talk. People want to hear what I have to say and I’m centered in more social settings. Well then, let it be. Time to yap. I’m not shy, I just didn’t want to talk to her. Ha ha. She was uttering not-so-good things to me.

You Can’t Beat Me in Basketball.

I feel like playing basketball.  We used to play at least three times a week, me and my friends, and now the only one who still plays is Ayo.  I have friends now, but at a distance. I love them. I miss them. I know I still have b-ball skills, but I will need a week or two to get back rolling.  I am the best basketball playing comedian today.  I dare someone to challenge that.  My look is really deceiving, like if you found out Flavor Flav was good at decorating homes.  Life is so time consuming that you end up putting things to the side, while making room for your new list of priorities.  Chances are I’m not gonna make the league, but i guess it’s worth it because my payoff is funny. I’ll just play in a movie about basketball.  I would call it Hate and Basketball, about me and my lady. I’ll have to get some footage to back up my basketball skills or you better ask somebody.