new project

I’m about to write a book about a guy who gets in a fight at the airport b/c he’s so paranoid and during the course of the fight, he is injured in a way that allows himself better agility and stronger mental capacity and now he is able to dominate in an interest that he has always had to become a professional fencer. There will be flashbacks of the fight during the course of the novel and we will find out how evil of a human this character was, and his new found talent will be his worse enemy as he will later murder someone in a fencing match b/c of that same paranoia that lead him to the original fight. COMING SOON!!! Yes or No???

You think you’re having a bad day?

Someone’s dog just fell out of a moving car on a road trip through Missouri, and they still have 2 days of driving. Someone just lost their cell phone, and they’re on the way out of the country and won’t be able to enjoy Italy for the two weeks. Someone just got a long sentence in prison because they were at the party where it happened even though they were not involved. Someone just got separated from a loved one for weighing too much, and now they’ll never be able to retrieve anything from upstairs. Someone just got their leg amputated b/c they ate too many brownies in 94. Someone just pooped on themself on the way to work and they don’t have anymore sick days and if they’re late for ANY reason, they’ll be suspended without pay. There is no point to this. I just know that I’m having a bad day, but none of this is happening to me right now. I’ll be fine.


I’ve wanted to do this for years, but I don’t think it happened because I wasn’t ready then. Many of my experiences come from growing up in Baltimore’s inner city, and talking trash about the city is something I have never steered away from. I have many friends there that I haven’t seen in years, and even though I won’t like them anymore, this feels like some level of stepping stone. I’m joking. I’ll be able to check out some family as well, and who wouldn’t love being around a big group of crazy people, who are going to want to hear jokes about themselves until I do it, and its not as funny as they thought it might be even though everyone around them is laughing.  I’m perfoming 7 shows in 3 days at the Baltimore Comedy Factory June 2nd- 4th.