Once you purchase a t-shirt, you have joined a membership that is gonna last until I’m famous and there is no longer space to give away free seats. Each shirt is like a ticket after you purchase it. In order for it to work, you have to email me when you wish to come to a show and I will make sure you are on a VIP list of shirt buyers. My email is If you don’t have time to email, you can just wear the shirt which makes it clear and obvious, but I am aware that everyone doesn’t wear it. There are many who have it in a private room attached to a shrine. You can buy shirts here on the website and for colors and sizes, you can message me. I hope that I have covered everything, but if you have any questions let me know. Ships in days given the availability.

MEW Food Suggestions

Have you ever had a almond butter and jelly sandwich with healthy butter on the outside and lightly fried. Sometimes almond butter or hazelnut butter can get a bit pricey, but its really worth it. I was raised on peanut butter. Thats all I knew, and then you grow up and see that there’s more to the world out there. Its a good way to start the day. The sandwich is pretty light and it is filling as well.

Just recently I had a mushroom sandwich. It was amazing. You sautee the mushrooms in a pan and I like to add onions then you add cheese of any sort. I think the last time we used pepperjack, and that was all stacked in between whole grain buns with a side of fries that we baked in the oven with a bit of sea salt.

Next meal I eat are probably the most healthiest fajitas that are even possible. First one of us will begin crushing the avacados and the other will slice the vegetables. We use onions, green onions, red, green, yellow, and orange bell peppers. As far as the vegetables, you put the pan on high and coat it with olive oil. Then you dump the veggies and stir them and let them stay for no longer than 3 minutes on high. Meanwhile, you dip chips and eat them to make sure the guacamole is chunky and ready to go. We put our spanish rice in a rice cooker and the black or pinto beans or both into a small pot on low with the lid on. The lid helps them to heat faster. I love black olives, so I open the can and have them ready to go. We keep the sour cream in the fridge so it is cold as possible and dinner is served. Done in less than 30 minutes. Don’t forget the side of tortilla chips.