I wake up in a random bed with soft ass pillows and I thank God. Next, I decide if I made it in time for hotel lobby coffee or do I have to hit the nearby shop. I love coffee and even though I don’t drink it everyday, I can appreciate a potent cup. I drink coffee for that same reason I drink alcohol… for the effects. I’m sipping on a cup now and there are pages of notes in front of me, and I review what I’ve been working on and where can I insert it. Most of the time when I’m working on something new I want to open with it because I want to hear it so bad. Many say thats a comedy no-no, but the success of the standup is taking risks and trusting the gut. I’m older now and that makes much more sense and I mean older in my comedy years. Next, I say some stuff to myself out loud to hear how it sounds. Then I look at older stuff and see if I can add one more line to it. Boring right?

In about a day, I’m taping a set for HBO Canada, and I have a similar feeling like when I recorded for Showtime. There’s nothing thats not allowed. I can do whatever I want to do. I’m gonna leave it at that, but I will tell you now before it airs, I FEEL REALLY GOOD. I’m in a good place, me and my lady aren’t fighting, my thinking is clear. My family is the most important aspect of my life.

Returning to Montreal Canada for JFL

I’m excited about this trip, and yes, I am returning. I was there in ’07 for the New Faces showcase, and I was pumped up then, but this time the weight is lifted off. I’m extremely comfortable on stage and looking forward to running into many comedian friends. There’s no pressure for me nowadays, I just can’t wait to show what I have to offer now. Montreal is a beautiful place, and that is what I recall most other than that meal that Russell hooked me up with that had noodles, gravy, and beans or something. Excuse me, it was four years ago. I have to perform some sets out there and there’s one or two jokes that I’m not sure about performing, but once I get there, I’ll be able to fill out the area. I might wait until I get on the stage.

OLD MOVIE REVIEW: The Players Club

I just watched the movie The Players Club with Ice Cube and Bernie Mac and LisaRaye. What happened to movies like that? Yes it was about a strip club, but it was actually tasteful. Jamie Foxx was funny in this movie as well. He played an up and coming DJ that loved one of the main dancers, and seemed to be playing true to himself. There was one hoe named Ronnie, who if I saw her in person, I would be very afraid. I didn’t read the credits to catch her real name, but I would have put money on it that she was a man. I didn’t get a good look at her neck. She was tough and scary. Who casted this dude? They need an award. If I showed up with her at the party, people would say, “Who’s he?” I bet she could dunk. She probably pees standing up. She could get a girl pregnant. This movie is a must have in your collection.


I want my wife to do standup. I don’t care that her heart is not in it. I just know how entertaining it would be, but not just for me, but for the world. It would be the most short-lived career ever, but some of the most legendary experiences lasted shorter than we think. She’s already talking crap about other comedians, and how she’d go to the local open mic and observe, just to build her confidence. I’m supporting her with all my might. I’ve even started pitching her material that she could use. Could you picture your partner doing what you do as a career?


In a cab in Birmingham

I was in a cab in Birmingham, and as usual when someone finds out that I’m a comedian they start to tell me the worst jokes that I ever heard in my life, but this time the jokes were told in an African accent. The driver goes on to say, “So I was at the Los Angeles International Airport at a vending machine, and my friend says, ‘What kind of soda pop do you want?’ And he continues, “I want Ginger.” And a nearby woman says, “Did you call me?” And the driver begins to laugh hysterically. I couldn’t even understand the rest. I actually think that was the punchline.  Her name was Ginger. Get it? Laughter combined with an african accent spells incomprehensible. The weather was too bad to walk.