THE OFFICE on NBC Nov 3rd @9pm

WHO’S WATCHING!!! This is a big episode. I play the character of Wes.

I guess we’ll all be looking up deleted scenes. My phone is ringing off the hook. I guess this is it.




I hit 3 different comedy shows tonight so I could work out some new material. Just in case you ever hear the completed work, some of the material included “Designated drivers,” “Buying drugs from an up and coming rapper,” and “a woman I saw with bullet holes in her Camry.” I don’t think that you understand that these are thoughts that come from nothing. Maybe I saw that lady on the freeway, or I had a friend get a DUI, but its untested. People always ask how does it feel when you “bomb” or no one is laughing. Bombing to me is when you don’t take risks. When no one is laughing, well… you have a problem that needs immediate fixing. I got more and more response as the night went on, and I’m excited to tighten up these subjects. Honestly… when you see me, you normally see the finished product, but not the process of creating it, and in this clip you get to see the beginning, the process. Preview: MEW Working on New Material