Netflix City

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. I’m serious. This service is still new to me. I’m catching up on a bunch of great movies that I’ve never heard of. I’m trying to learn the mechanics of why amazing movies are not popular and it seems to have to a lot to do with distribution. I really don’t know. The best movie that I’ve seen recently was called LAST NIGHT. It dealt with some of my favorite topics like infidelity, lies, and sex. My wife and I finally have something that we can use to spend quality time together. I’ve also caught up with some sitcoms because you can watch a full season. The Office is on there and that show is hilarious. Overall, I definitely recommend it.

Thanksgiving Weekend @ Sacramento Punchline

Punchline Comedy Club in Sacramento, CA is one the places where I first hit the stage, and now I get the headline. It feels like that is what I’m supposed to do. This is all part of the process, and headlining a full weekend in the town where you began is in line on the path. The town is fully supportive, they go all out when it comes to having my back. Much love. I was carded the other night in some bar during a comedy show, and that was the joke of the night b/c I guess I’m supposed to be some local superhero. As far as Thanksgiving weekend, I’m working with one of buddies that I started comedy with. Key Lewis. Very funny dude with similar issues. One major issue that I can’t relate to is that he’s half black and half white and he looks Mexican. What a terrible problem to have, I’m just glad to have large protruding teeth. There’s six shows.

I’m Just Talking

I never realized how many of my favorite actors are in horrible films. I’m making no excuse for what I plan to do down the line as far as accepting roles, but it’s nice to have standup to fall back on. People clearly accept stuff out of desperation. Thats true in life on many occasions. For instance, working at a place you don’t want to work because you have to pay some bills. Forget that!! I think that’s what many of us are brought up to believe is that “we have to do what we have to do.” I don’t necessarily believe in that. I think you seek what you are supposed to do and the rest falls into place. I’m gonna stop there. Thats my Mike E. Luther King moment of the day.


I live in Sacramento and this is pretty big news. I’ve had a few things happen, but nothing of this caliber. I’ve been interviewed more than ever and I have so many stories to share about the experience. As a fan, artist, or just a person, I get to be on all sides of the spectrum. I still feel like I’m at the very beginning of it all, but really excited for what is to come. Getting on any show is an accomplishment, but I landed a part in THE OFFICE. Are you serious? It’s cool to hear that people are using me as motivation, I’m fine with that. Thats not a bad thing. Only part that gets weird for me, is now I don’t always get a standard introduction when I’m about to perform a set at the local open mics. Lately, it’s been very sentimental and almost emotional, and that is no way to start off a comedy show.

On the set of THE OFFICE


I’m sitting on the set waiting for my scene to be shot, and I’m watching the same talented actors that you have seen in everything, on top of The Office that you get to watch every Thurs night. What a day. Indescribable feeling. It’s like, “I’m here?”  I wasn’t nervous where I felt gittery, it was more like when you’re first with a woman. “I can’t believe this is happening right now.” The team of staff members make you feel so comfortable that you’re able to perform at your best. It’s a winning atmosphere that sets you up for success. At one point, I thought Wow, this counts as work.

We just cracked jokes with each other while we sat around. The down time was used for snacking on the food from the caterers. They also told me that I could wait inside my trailer if I wished until my next scene was ready to shoot, but I opted to stick around on set and watch it live. I figured that I would learn more by being around the action, plus, I had the “up and coming” actor’s trailer, which was smaller and my hair was wiping against the ceiling.