CHICAGO TIME Jan 18th- 22nd

So far its freezing but that’s expected. 7:39p The first two shows are solid. I’m dropping new material in this room like pelicans. I have to be out the door at 7am Fri morn to interview on FOX. A few of the shows are already sold out. I’m hoping this places them over the edge. I sell a few tickets, but I’m far from where I plan to be. It’s 1:37a.m. now. I’m gonna get in my notes one more time before I pass out. I actually recorded tonight’s show, so I’ll go watch it for my viewing pleasure.

SIDENOTE, Who knows how to do wordpress? I need to remove some of these photos and add new ones, along with a lot of other changes.

Now What?

What do you want from me? This is not an angry message. I’m sitting here in a 3rd story condo in downtown Chicago in my long johns and a beany hat. I truly enjoy this, even though I wish I could get the heat to work.

MINNEAPOLIS for Acme Comedy Club Jan 10th-14th

Back in your arctic climate. Freezing is an understatement. On my walk to the comedy club, I passed a Polar Bear. He said he’ll be extinct soon. I said, “So will I.” He said, “Where can I get some good Walleye?” I said, “They have a good dish at Acme Comedy Club, but I don’t know if you do potatoes.” Minneapolis is that city that people don’t really talk about, but I can confirm that it is a good time. I’m living a road comic’s life this week too. You should see this hotel room. Housekeeping is gonna leave me a note that reads, “Unacceptable Mike E.” I also walked to downtown. There were all these guys hustling tickets to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Oh that sounds like big fun. Who they play determines if I might consider it. My city’s team is the Sacramento Kings. If the Kings play the Timberwolves, I can guarantee there would be more people at my show if I performed in a laundry mat. You’d have to pay me to go to that game. That game would look like the Harlem Globetrotters, but funnier. I bet you during the game, they talk about reality shows. They should combine teams and become one sucky team. The TimberKings or the Wings, whichever we can get the best mascot out of.

New Year’s Eve

I’m think I’ll take it easy, stay off the roads. I’ll probably spit a couple jokes and sip on something sweet. I like the start of the year and what it has to bring. I don’t make resolutions but I do like the idea of a fresh start. It’s crazy how the year begins in such an outrageous fashion. Drunk and drugged out people doing who knows what until they wake up somewhere. Every year stupid people still try to drive when they know they shouldn’t and dumber people get in the cars with them. Be safe is all you can really tell people I guess. It’s on a Saturday night too! Probably gonna be a wild one. 😀