CHICAGO TIME Jan 18th- 22nd

So far its freezing but that’s expected. 7:39p The first two shows are solid. I’m dropping new material in this room like pelicans. I have to be out the door at 7am Fri morn to interview on FOX. A few of the shows are already sold out. I’m hoping this places them over the edge. I sell a few tickets, but I’m far from where I plan to be. It’s 1:37a.m. now. I’m gonna get in my notes one more time before I pass out. I actually recorded tonight’s show, so I’ll go watch it for my viewing pleasure.

SIDENOTE, Who knows how to do wordpress? I need to remove some of these photos and add new ones, along with a lot of other changes.

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  1. Debra Babcock
    Debra Babcock says:

    And you are coming to Alaska???? In case you haven’t heard it is really cold here. Like – 20 to -30. You might have some luck and it will be above 0, but I don’t think it will get over it will get over 30.


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