Hotel Where JFK Stayed The Day Before He Was Assassinated

Dallas Fort Worth

I’m staying at this hotel and that is some very interesting history. Reassuring as well to know that the apparently the walls are tapped. They are listening to everything that I’m saying and hopefully there is no video footage. In hotel rooms, I dress pretty light. If you killed the president, why would you even hide? That’s such an outrageous feat, that it would seem like you would want to be known for it. It seems that after you accomplished this, you would post it on Hatebook.


I just watch this amazing fight, and as usual, this is a great metaphor for comedy. They call this the Rumble in The Jungle and Ali played Foreman like a trombone. He completely paced himself until Foreman had no juice left in his tank, meanwhile never allowing Foreman to know his actual tactic. This is a clear example of how you use patience. You wait for your moment, and then in that eighth round, you pick your spot and unload. It was so well crafted, and no one knew, but Ali. So just in case you didn’t pick up the moral, what I’m trying to say is that at one of my upcoming shows, I am going to punch someone at the perfect moment. Consider this the warning, and then afterwards, I’ll remind you that I’m the greatest.

Stay tuned!!

I don’t like to talk about what’s in the making, so stay tuned b/c I plan to have some news soon. And if I have no news, I’m not even gonna share what was about to be.  Seriously, stay tuned.

Opening for Chappelle @ Punchline

Its packed and people are high energy no matter which night of the week it is. When you open for an event this big, you have to let people know that you belong there or else, they’re just waiting for you to bring out the headliner. I’m working out a set that I have to do in 3 weeks for an airline. Sounds unusual but there always has to be something in the making. I’ll be headlining my own shows soon, so check in on my website’s event page and definitely join my mailing list so you can receive the email for my updates.