Don’t Click on PictureWelcome to my website. My name is Mike E. Winfield, not Mikey. My mom calls me Mikey. You can call me Mike E. Say it as fast or slow as you wish. I’m not sure how you got here, but I’m happy you’re here, and as we both know, I’m amazing. LOVE. Maybe you’ve seen my show. How was it? Feel free to comment on any of my posts, give feedback, and/or email me on my CONTACT page. My direct email is Thanks for starting arguments in the comments section. There’s a good one going on right now. I love hearing from you and I always try to respond. They call me Mike E.

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  1. Lauren Richardson
    Lauren Richardson says:

    Saw you last night in Grand Rapids, MI @ Dr.Grinns comedy club. Although I did not buy a T-Shirt to help step-man you were seriously the funniest person I have seen perform in years… Including some more veteran acts. Great delivery, smart and flexible set! I’m actually sending my brother to your show tonight. Good luck as you continue on your career path. I believe there is much more in store for you! Sincerely, LR

  2. barbara riley
    barbara riley says:

    i saw you in visalia july 10 im 70 and i loved you , you made the show, my husband is a redneck cant make him laugh , but you did it. I wont forget you and your hair is soft lol, il always remember cucumbers in a different way, and other things you grew in the ground farmer mike lol carry on mikewinfield carry on you will go far xoxoox

  3. Jason
    Jason says:

    I just saw your little short stand-up on Arsenio tonight. Good stuff!!! I never really heard of Mike E Winfield until now. I’ll be looking at your tour dates for California (Central – Santa Barbara area) unless I’m in the Sacramento area of course.

  4. CTVibes
    CTVibes says:

    You are one funny dude! Ill be watching your future endevours very excited for you funniest person ive seen in awhile keep working on your material stay relevant bless up

  5. Nichole
    Nichole says:

    Checked out his show last night at the Punchline in Sacramento. Mike is hilarious!!! His material is delivered so effortlessly. Its always a laugh fest when I see his show 🙂 Thanks for the giggles, Mike!

  6. The people who didn't talk in the front row
    The people who didn't talk in the front row says:

    Caught your show tonight, and you killed it. Like I told you after, it was our first time out, and we loved it, all thanks to you man. Thanks again for a great time man. Keep killin it!

  7. Kristie
    Kristie says:

    I’ve never been so happy to be called a prostitute! Thanks for the laughs Mike. I said it last night and I’m gonna say it again to you – You’re the next Bill Cosby!

  8. misti
    misti says:

    Thought tonights show @ comedy works was absolutley one of the funniest shows! Your very funny! I won tickets to tonights show, l’dmao! Thanks!

    cHRISTINA says:

    I have liked you since the first time i seen you at punchline in Sacramento and every time i see you are there i make it a point to get family and friends to come see you.. and since then have had the hugest crush on you..=) sad your married lol.. well i hope you go far in your career and i will always be a fan!!

  10. skylar
    skylar says:

    Saw you in Reno tonight. Went to just like you told me to haha. You gotta play more in the office I watch it every day

  11. Mike
    Mike says:

    caught your show in that freezin meat locker of a theater in red bluff tonight. I’m sure you know by now but, you know, you definitely got the shit down man. thanks! by far the best time i’ve had in a long time.

  12. Johnna
    Johnna says:

    I saw Mike E’s show at the Star Dome in Birmingham,AL on July 5,2011. I think he is a very funny young man. He’s what I call an up and coming. Keep making laughter,because we really need it these days.

  13. Me silly
    Me silly says:

    I didn’t know you existed till today 6/262011 , just saw you on youtube now.

    The only thing better than your stand-up on Letterman was your “Mike E Winfield Seconds after his network debut Letterman set: Video…

    You seem very happy and full of life , good for you and you are very funny and you have your own unique style …A star in the making…peace.

  14. Robert Lovato
    Robert Lovato says:

    Hey buddy! Great to see you last night at Tommy T’s on 6/23. Great show! You get funnier every time I see you. My future son-in-law Brian lost his mind laughing. We hope to get a few friends together for one of your next shows in Sac in July. Hope to see you on the 26th of July for my open mic night at Rounders inside Lucky Derby.

  15. brian
    brian says:

    Saw your show last night 6-23-2011 at tommy t’s. Soo fuckin funny! My friend Bob Lovato took me and I wanna take some of my friends to come and watch you again. Maybe send me an email with upcoming events? If its on ur site tho ill find it. Keep up the good work!

  16. Wingfield
    Wingfield says:

    I know Norfolk NE isn’t very big but the late show sold out just to see you perform! I mean some of the others were good but you are great! And you have made an impact on Norfolk! Come back and I’m sure you’ll own this town soon! I enjoyed your show!

  17. Jonas M
    Jonas M says:

    I’ve only been able to see your clips online on YouTube Mike, but you’re seriously very funny. You need to come here to Sweden and do your thinge. Tickets would be sold out fast!

  18. Jen
    Jen says:

    wuuuzzz up Mike EEE!!! How are you? glad to see your busy schedule. I am gonna hopefully be able to make the Sac Town show on June 8th. Looking forward to watchin you performing live. Talk to you soon..

  19. Katie
    Katie says:

    Hey! Caught your show tonight in Madison, SD. Your facial expressions add so much to your comedy. I think everyone in the audience could relate to at least one of the funny stories you shared. I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did all the friends I was with. Hope to someday catch ya again 🙂

  20. Max
    Max says:

    Just saw your show at Williston State College. You are hilarious!!! My face hurt after watching your show. I am from California so your “racist” Mexican jokes were flat out hilarious. Keep up the good work man, I have a feeling we’ll see you on a special one day.

  21. Joe
    Joe says:

    Mike, just heard you on the best of the KQRS morning show, on saturday morning. You are absolutely hilarious!! I’m not tipically rolling on the floor laughing with the comics that they usually have on, but I was busting a gut during your interview. So I googled your name, and found your website. I watched your video clips, and laughed my ass off. Thanks for the early morning laughs to help me start my work day!!

  22. Wild Wilson
    Wild Wilson says:

    Mike, caught you KQRS this Thursday morning. You were funny. I certainly expect that you’ll continue to be funny, well at least hope so for all your fans and especially your family’s well being. I’m not here to do a bit I’ll leave that to you the professional who does it in front of many folks and not from the comfort of the keyboard in their office – have a funtastic day! – WW

  23. Dolly Serrano
    Dolly Serrano says:

    Hi Mike, Just saw the funniest comedian on Letterman tonight. Decided to look you up to let you know its you. My husband and I love a good laugh, but feel guilty when its not family friendly. You have mastered, and proven, that it is possible to be one of the most talented comedians in todays trashy world without being trashy. Looking forward to following you and hope to see you again on Letterman now they know your the best they have had. Stay awesome with Gods blessings. I’ll be sure to tell people bout you, including other christians without embarassment.

  24. Joel
    Joel says:

    Not sure how I got here I think i was searching for comedy on google and saw your name and remembered from a show you did way back in sac i think at harlows. Well, I just wanted to say hell of a job getting to the big show. Keep going and glad your getting paid. Next is recording an album of your comedy to sell bro peace.

    E.M.E. 916

  25. Nichols Family
    Nichols Family says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just saw the funniest comedian on Letterman tonight. Decided to look you up to let you know its you. My husband and I love a good laugh, but feel guilty when its not family friendly. You have mastered, and proven, that it is possible to be one of the most talented comedians in todays trashy world without being trashy. Looking forward to following you and hope to see you again on Letterman now they know your the best they have had. Stay awesome with Gods blessings. I’ll be sure to tell people bout you, including other christians without embarassment.

  26. Lenny and Jenny
    Lenny and Jenny says:

    Hey Brother,
    Your show on Letterman was Great! Congrats on getting accepted to appear on the show. They would of missed out on your funny material. You seem like a very positive guy, and I hope great things for you! Put God first and definitely your family also and I know you will be blessed with a GREAT future. My wife and I laughed together while watching you on t.v., then my wife found your page here and we couldn’t help but laugh some more. We definitely look forward to seeing you in the near future. Take care bro, and God bless!

  27. Leslie J. Jones
    Leslie J. Jones says:

    I just saw your debut on David Letterman. Maybe, your wife needs to change, but you don’t!

    I really enjoyed the set, and I’m sure we will be seeing more of you.

    Good Luck!

  28. Monique
    Monique says:

    Oh how rude. This is to FER, are you serious right now?!? Mike E. Winfield is one of the most talented local comedians in Sacramento. When you google your name does anything appear NO but Mike-E do. When you go on youtube and enter your name does anything appear NO, but Mike-E do. Have you ever open a show for Mike Epps before NO, but Mike-E has. Obivously you don’t know what humor is because, you would have been in tears from his jokes waiting to purchase one of his T-shits after the show. Its ok Mike-E, I guess thats why people are intitled to their own opinons. Keep doing what you doin because your a star, just pick your locations wisely. See yah @ the Punchline this Sunday!!!!

  29. nate
    nate says:

    Do you have a c.d. out and when is your apperance on lettermen? i believe you said it was supposed to be last friday but you werent on

  30. Fer
    Fer says:

    I had never been to a Comedy Club until last Friday night in Roseville with you as the headliner. I was so disappointed that I never want to go back to a Comedy Club. I laughed more on the way home than I did at your show. I don’t know how you were able to get on Letterman but you need some serious help with your jokes… I thought the Asian guy was funny, but you on the other hand were terrible. You need to watch more Comedy shows yourself. The reason why people go to these shows is to LAUGH not sit there and wait for the show to end. One thing is for certain, and it’s that I will never see you perform again.

    • gary
      gary says:

      To Fer….

      That was NOT a comedy club. That place is not a venue that is conducive to joke-telling. Were you one of the drunks that were trying to take center stage while Mike was trying to perform, causing his flow to be constantly interrupted??? Why don’t you try telling stories to make people laugh, while trying to fend off constant comments from drunk, old bar-flies that paid $5.00 to get in, or snuck in the back door, instead of paying the $10.00 the rest of the crowd paid? I’ve seen Mike’s material on a number of occasions, and he is a seriously talented and funny man. I think he did an amazing job keeping the crowd entertained for 90 minutes while a bunch of drunk bar-regulars that didn’t deserve to be there were interrupting him. I have been watching live comedy for more than 20 years, and I think someone who just went to their first comedy show needs to understand that atmosphere and the crowd have a lot to do with the vibe you get from the comedian. I truly feel that you should watch some of his material online before you cast judgement on Mike. You will see him in actual comedy environments, not karaoke environments, and I hope you change your mind about him. You can’t blame him for a horrible group of people in an otherwise very grateful crowd. People paid $10.00 to see 2 1/2 hours of comedy, and it’s all thanks to Mike E. Winfield. I hope you understand that it was not the comedian you were disappointed in, it was the venue and the drunks in the crowd that made you feel like it was not worth your time. Sorry to hear about your disappointment, but I think he deserves another chance. Maybe check him out at the Punchline this Sunday which is an actual comedy spot, not a creepy karaoke bar. Thanks.

      • Paul Stewart
        Paul Stewart says:

        Awesome, Gary, and AAAMMMEEEN!

        I actually read Fer’s comment as an attempt at sarcastic humor…at least that what I was hoping it was.

        Mike is a very talented guy for sure and did a great Job. I just saw him for the first time last night in San Antonio.

        I’ll say this: It is not easy to make me laugh. I am not uptight, but it is not easy, and he had MY lip sticking to my gums worse than his were! HAHA!

        Great guy, good presence on stage, great personality, excellent delivery!

        Keep on wrecking shop, Mike! You’re building a following of appreciative fans who love the material and your person.

        God Bless.

  31. gary
    gary says:

    caught your show in Roseville, CA on Friday. Awkward ass crowd, and you took them and ran with it. Had people that thought they deserved to be on stage, and you ended up with those same people begging you to stay on stage for more. Even “Impatient pimp, his pimp assistant and their shared, worn-out ho!” You gotta take that and run with it. Sounds like a sketch in the making. . . Like a documentary on them running a “pimp cooperative” You kept it going for 90 minutes.


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