I think the problem that women have with other women is when it comes to their man, they don’t respect the boundaries. A lot of guys don’t see it, I do, and your woman notices it the second it happens. Recently, I had women approach to welcome me to a show she booked, and I reached out for a handshake, and she says, “No, I’m a hugger.” We hug, and I say, “And meet my wife.” Who she didn’t realize was standing right behind me. And this YouknowWhat reaches out and extends her arm to shake my ladies’ hand. Oh, I guess you’re no longer a hugger. #ThirstyYouSay

Tiger Woods’ Need

Tiger Woods was caught with over fifteen hoes, and his golf game has not been the same since. Yes, he lost his family and that alone would be devastating for many people, but is it possible that his needs and the rush that comes from living an infidel lifestyle has affected his talent? Does he have to have a marriage he can be unfaithful to in order to succeed? Many sports are more of a mental game than a physical one. I hate to see a player’s competitive fire stripped. If you look in his eyes, you can see the insecurity. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to recover, and it has nothing to do with injuries. His need fed his competitive drive.

The Boob That Night

The other night I was approached by a mature female fan who asked me to sign her breast. The request made me curious, so I glanced at her set. They were big, actually pretty big.  I noticed she already had a signature on the smaller one.  I chose not to sign this woman’s breast. Not because she obviously asked me second, or because I was arguing with my lady that night, and didn’t want her snooping on facebook to find some picture of me groping, I mean signing some, (In her words) ‘bitches boob.’  It’s just something I tend to steer away from. I’m married and in a business that supplies many offers daily whether it’s cocaine, after parties, or boob signing, so after you’ve done it a thousand times, the thrill is gone, and you are able to pass, and have everyone look at you in awe because you passed on the chance to see some cougar boobs. Plus, she had on a llama print bra.  I like leopard.