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UberBae is the best story out.

This story is probably a week old, but it’s still the best story out. I tell you all the time that comedy writes itself and here’s just another example. She picked up her boyfriend’s side chick as the Uber driver, then kept her luggage. It doesn’t get better than that. They were having the best […]

Looking For Sponsorship for my Comedy Special

Greetings Esteemed Patron(s), My name is Mike E. Winfield and I am a professional comedian/actor. I’ve performed on or appeared in television shows such as The Late Show w/ David Letterman, NBC’s The Office, and The Arsenio Hall Show. I also have a large supporting role in a new movie coming out this summer starring Keke Palmer […]


Amazing shows tonight. I should’ve taken pictures since they’re worth a thousand words and I don’t even know why I started writing. Let me explain. One day my son had a tee ball game, and he hit the ball so hard that it line drived right into some kid’s gut. (I’m the Coach) We stopped […]

I Already Know

I performed tonight and it went really well. Signed a few autographs for ppl who simply believed in my future. They didn’t care about credits, they just decided they wanted me to sign stuff for them. I don’t think all the people really wanted autographs, I think the others saw what was happening and decided […]

Indecent Proposal

I’m having a conversation in my twitter DM w/ a woman who I believe to be a prostitute, b/c well, she told me. She says she lives in Reno and would love to ‘Cum see me at my show,’ and afterwards I could come to the Dennis Hof Love Ranch North. Should I offer free […]

Rough In These Streets

Ish is crazy sometimes. One night I had this dude host one of my shows. Anyone whose ever been to one of my shows knows that I’ll have a t-shirt planted on stage prior to my walkup so I can have my hands free to hold a latte or a sharpie, you know, star shit. […]

An Old Story About A Stripper

The homie used to mess with this ghetto ass stripper he met at Showgirls on Auburn. She was a blonde white chick w/ a Mexican accent. She was still dancing as an Amateur so she didn’t have a stage name yet. One night I was sitting on his stairs and he wasn’t answering his phone, […]

Life is Tough?

Everyone thinks they have the most difficult life, you wake up believing you have the most problems. You wanna hear about problems… well in 1993 Michael Jordan retired temporarily and poor Pete Myers had to live in his shadows. Every game, fans watched him and said, “You are not Michael Jordan.” Pete couldn’t miss a shot without […]