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Well, I’m glad that you made it here.You can now access my website in so many different ways. If you made it here by pickleheadbitch, that to me, has to be the funniest avenue to travel. So many people don’t believe that is really it. Some things are really amazing. Its amazing to me that […]

Still in Japan…

So I found out that Mt. Fugi is a volcano. I feel really dumb that I thought about climbing it, but I guess people do it. They do it when they get bored, I was just ignorant. We flew out yesterday, and now I’m hanging out in Okinawa. I’m on an American base. People really don’t […]

LOVE. The many avenues

I have amazing amount of love that lives inside of me. I love my family, who are all so supportive and very involved, and always willing to step in and lend a hand. I have people around me that care. Gigantic blessing. I want to believe that through the way I sow such massive amounts […]