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Should You Bond With Stranger’s Kids?

This happens to me quite often, so I decided to share it. I was sitting next to this lady with a young toddler in the airport, and the kid keeps coming to me to play, he’s cracking up having a ball, while I’m just sitting there straight faced not saying or doing anything, but he’s […]

Kaepernick as the Pawn

Silence really speaks volumes, but I don’t really trust anything. Colin Kaepernick begins his style of protesting, and strong feelings are felt on both sides. There’s people in disbelief that black people are treated differently from other US citizens, and then barely two games into the season two more black men are murdered at the […]

Thought It Was A Carry-on

I’m mad at the lady from Delta who told me my carry-on bag wasn’t gonna fit. I knew it would fit b/c I was counting how many people were bringing on bags, and I just knew it. I allow them to take it from me b/c I don’t want to be a problem being black […]

Can’t Afford To Cancel

I’m performing at some college in the Carolinas, a state where a lot of artists are cancelling their shows b/c of the current anti LGBT laws. I think it’s stupid that people still find ways to segregate. I’m not surprised at all, but it’s stupid. Since I could really use the money, I’m gonna use this opportunity […]

Auditioning For Television

Auditioning in Hollywood is so exhausting. Sometimes, I wonder what I got myself into. I’m worn out, and I wear it well but now you’ll know. It’s so much to it. I respect talented acting so much, and I know that it’s an art form and like anything that you have to work at it […]

Oscars So White

Most people don’t care about battles that don’t affect them personally. I’m not using all my energy for dolphin abuse. I love dolphins and don’t have anything against them, but I have more immediate issues to fight. I don’t want an Oscar if you’re just gonna give it to me for some kind of sympathy […]

After My Show in Denver

Honorable Mention: What stood out about last night’s show at the Denver Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theater was that almost the entire crowd stayed afterwards in the lobby to hang out and chill. It’s cool that you can rock with a group for an hour and it doesn’t have to end after that. And it wasn’t […]