Mike E. Winfield in minutes will describe what has happened in your life that very day. Many often leave his live show saying, “Does he live with us?” Strikingly brilliant comedian Mike E. has not slowed down since his debut on The Late Show W/ David Letterman and then winning a reoccurring role on NBC’s The Office. Whether its hardships or love, you’re gonna get it served honestly from this charismatic Baltimore native who got his comedy start in California’s state capitol. When asked, why Sacramento? He says, “If they want you, they’ll find you.” And they have, his success is rapidly rising and you may have seen him on Showtime’s Comics Without Borders, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, and the Arsenio Hall Show. He’s in a new movie PIMP w/ rapper DMX. He’s currently streaming on the Netflix Special Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo. Check his calendar to see if he will be touring in your city soon. His show is a must see.

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  1. Wendy Winburn
    Wendy Winburn says:

    Hey Mike E. Let em know they got to be born before they can breathe too! Lol, loved your Broadripple show in Indianapolis. Love your big ass teeth! Continue to smile and shine. God bless!

  2. Shana
    Shana says:

    My boyfriend and cousin and her husband and I saw you last night at Crackers in Broadripple!! Loved your show. We have never been to a comedy show and you made it a great experience for us. Laughed so hard. Hope to see you back 😊

  3. K bates
    K bates says:

    Saw you at comedy off Broadway, lexington, ky in September. Your grin is barely contained on your face and omnipresent. Hilarious and charming…
    Hope you make it back to lex.

  4. Tiffany Pate-Lynn
    Tiffany Pate-Lynn says:

    went to see your show Friday night in LIBERTY TWNSHIP LOL in Cincinnati Ohio. You were great I’m still getting weak at your stand up and step man!!!! You are hilarious can’t wait to see your show again. 😂😂😂😂 you had me in tears and my stomach hurting keep up the good work!!!

  5. Tamika Matthews
    Tamika Matthews says:

    Seen at Liberty this evening @ the 7pm showing!!! HALARIOUS, guess what!?!?!? I don’t know crap about Liberty but drove out there to see you! Keep the laughing going and I stole the bowl!!! LMAO

  6. David
    David says:

    You da man. Let’s collaborate on some of your comic illustration – through photo!

    David Shadrake

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    Hey Mike,
    Just took the kids and my wife to your Mother’s Day show here in Denver. Great Stuff! We all loved it and a great way for the young ones to get introduced to live comedy.

    Best of luck!


    Hey Mike, dropped by to say howdy talk to ya soon, your friend Gary Gatehouse host Gary Gatehouse Radio show GETTIN AFTER LEFTY LATER BRO

  9. Stones
    Stones says:

    I’ll start by saying that you are one of the most generous, thoughtful guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. You have been on our little podcast a couple of times and every time you just light up the room. You have great comedic timing and I appreciate how innovative you have been. Can’t wait to speak with you again and looking forward to your next Punchline appearance!

  10. Melyna Padron
    Melyna Padron says:


  11. meads143
    meads143 says:

    thanks for a great show last night Mike! We have wanted to see you for years and you didn’t disappoint. Please do another show in Sacramento soon! We’ll be there!

  12. Bosley
    Bosley says:

    Mike E
    What a great show at the Grove Park Inn
    You did a great show on Sunday after so many said like to heard Mike E for longer show
    Thank you for coming by our table after the show and sitting with us for a few minutes
    Made our night , we where from Baltimore and Hagerstown Md
    We see you again and hope your brought back to NC

  13. Liz
    Liz says:

    Hey Mike!! 🙂

    I had the privilege to watch you on the Aresnio Hall show. You’re hilarious!! I wish you all the best in your success.

    I was hoping to catch you in Denver but I’ll be there in early in the 2nd week of Jan., next time.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  14. Alena Beecher
    Alena Beecher says:

    Just seen you on the Arsenio Show, your so funny!! I like the fact you can joke about yourself! Best wishes to you!!! I’m sure you’ll go far!

  15. Claudette
    Claudette says:

    I saw you on Arsenio. You are doing a great job. Original material. Refreshing. Hilarious. I like how you answered the interview questions. Genius. Keep your personal life personal. And enjoy your career.

  16. bigdogg707
    bigdogg707 says:

    Hey mike-E! Me and my woman and 5 friends went to see you and Dave C in Santa Rosa ! Just wanted to say you rocked ! Made me laugh so hard at the phone in the butt cheeks and “Don’t steal the cake mix if you ain’t stole the bowl “you were great gonna try to see you in Sacramento .. Keep up the amazing work !

    • Mike Winfield
      Mike Winfield says:

      ThankYou BigDogg. This comment is so great, I might post it on my front page. Hope you guys can make it out to Sac and see some more jokes at the Punchline.

  17. Jeff Marrone
    Jeff Marrone says:

    What’s up? I was at the punch line last night and I was thinking about last time I was there to watch your act (fuck Spears). Glad to see you leave the check stand and pursue you passion. When are you coming back to Sac to perform?

  18. Craig
    Craig says:

    Hey Mike E.
    I just saw you in Dallas on sat 6/16 (big guy wearing a red shirt with the Washington Nationals hat). I am so proud of your work. I am now an instant fan and a promoter of all that you do.

    I will spread the good word about your comedy act..

    God Bless you my dude..

    Please spread the word about bout B-more (most people don’t understand what a rough place most of B-more is, and what it takes to get out).

  19. jayli
    jayli says:

    you came to my school today CBC in pasco,wa you had my laughing to hard i was crying especially the part when you were taking out the trash and the bitch came out of the dumpster. wow i hope you come back,

    • Mike E
      Mike E says:

      Yes, stay in touch. I’ll post them on my website, but the best thing to do is join my mailing list so you receive an email when I’m there.

  20. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    Hey Mike! I and my mother caught your show in Denver Friday night (12/16/11). LOVED YOU!! I couldn’t stop crying about the “cake mix and the bowl” bit. SO true 😉 Too bad your married. You were lookin’ pretty hot! Thanks for the laughs. Can’t wait til you blow this way again. We’ll be there!

  21. Allen
    Allen says:

    My man Mike E. !!! All of your shows that my girl and I attend, none of them EVER disappoint. We bring a crew to support you and tell a friend as often as possible. WE APPRECIATE YOU hopefully as much as you appreciate us. God bless you and the family, and may the hard work and focus continue to pay off. GREAT WORK FUNNY-MAN (much love Bro)

  22. Robin Mayfield
    Robin Mayfield says:

    Tonight, July 7, 2011, my son (GO ARMY) treated his dad and myself to the Stardom Club in Birmingham, AL. I am a moonshine drinking, glowing white redneck and I Love you!!! You were great, even if it was one sided it was so true!!! I’m offically a fan!! My site: Jomafake.net

  23. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    hey saw you at blackhawk technical college you know the guy who shouted out cocaine during your set and took a picture with you? anyways I wanted to say I loved your set you’re the first comedian to come to blackhawk that was ACTUALLY funny to me all the others weren’t so great but anyways I was dying with laughter loved the set and man my cheeks hurt now from laughing keep up the great material and keep us laughing!

  24. scott
    scott says:

    Heard you on KQRS radio this morning in St Paul, MN. Very funny! I hope to get down to Acme and see you this weekend…Sat night 1st show sold out! Maybe Fri…alright.

  25. Juan
    Juan says:

    Just caught the last of a byron allen comedy thing on Fox, Funny as hell man!
    The loaf of bread thing has me rollin!
    Why you gonna steal the cake mix if you aint stole the bowl?!!! HAHAHAHa
    Keep it up man. When you come to Chi-town let a brother know!

  26. Gary Goings
    Gary Goings says:

    Just yesterday, I was 90% of the posts on this website. Now look at it. And so it begins for you, my friend. So happy for your success. Your hard work is returning the favor. You deserve every bit of it. Solid tonight, elephante.

  27. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    I’ve seen a lot of Lettermans comic debuts. U my friend, have got “it”. Can’t wait for everyone to see you become a huge shiny star.

  28. Cindi Stern
    Cindi Stern says:

    Saw you on Letterman tonight… I follow A LOT of comedy.. You are soooo funny!! and soo likable….thank for the late night laughs… HOpe to catch you at a chow in NYC one of these days.. please add me to your email list if you have one.. thanks

    • hoodlumsaint
      hoodlumsaint says:

      Just got your show at Crackers. Believe me when I say this man will have you laughing so hard you’ll have tears and your sides will ache. Don’t miss anything he does! He’s understanding of people and all our foibles is priceless. Men and women we all need to see ourselves through Mike E.’s eyes. I am still remembering lines and laughing out loud to myself. Needless to say, I’ve been stared at. Thank you so much.


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