Dear Facebook, I hate to point the finger, but b/c of you I haven’t talked to my family in weeks. Just so I would be able to communicate with my family, I considered creating profiles for them, but that wouldn’t work b/c we only have one computer. All day I’m reading people’s dumb updates and advice on life and somehow believing that you are responsible for my promotions. I’m losing myself. When are you gonna move out or die like Myspace? That death happened over night. No one saw it coming. I’ll try to be sympathetic, but it is kind of funny that you murdered Myspace and everyone here (on facebook) is so comfortable with you. You killed Myspace and now killing families and relationships. You can’t take off on Sundays or holidays? I don’t trust you. I think you have motives. I haven’t trusted you since I did that ad with you and no one saw it. I’m telling you now that I’m taking some time off from you. You’re really nice, I just need some space. Remember this is not Goodbye forever, just until the next time. How’s you mom?