A Bit Irritated

I’m sitting in the Norfolk International airport with a semi sore throat waiting for my first plane to depart to Houston Bush and then to Sacramento. I should probably walk back 100 feet to Starbucks to get some hot tea but I don’t feel like it right now. My body feels weak and where I’m sitting, I’m forced to listen to this black woman who has many stories, and is extremely loud. Everyone can hear her. She sounds like she is speaking through a microphone. I could put on my earphones and study a recorded show, but again, I’m not feeling well and I don’t want to move my body. Fortunately, I get to sit here and learn more about this black woman through her loud stories. She raised her neice and put her through college at Hampton and her Grandma is dying so they have to clear out the house so they can sell it. Blah. 
I’m ready to fall asleep. Its 5am on the button and if I fall asleep now, I may miss the flight. Now the white woman next to the black woman is sharing her stories at a much lower tone, and I can’t help but notice how loud the black woman’s responses are. Enough of this. I am nearing my first ever Letterman appearance. I’m two days away. I’ve been this close before and its hard to get excited not knowing if it will be pulled away again. I am ready. I want to kill it so I can move on with my life. I’m repeatedly doing the same set over and over again for the past 3 months. I can say it backwards. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m not taking it for granted. I try to make sense of why I was being bumped from the show previous times, but right now, I’m content with the thought that everything doesn’t have to add up. My show last night in Norfolk Virginia Wesleyan College was amazing and I was able to sleep a total of 42 min before having to hop in the rental and drive the four miles to get here. I think I want a road manager to hang out with so I don’t allow myself to drift into such evils. You know.  I think the show was so great b/c I’m aware of the power I possess. Its self discovery. I’ve proven that I can make people laugh and I know that I am funny. That is a destination that happens during a journey. I don’t need jokes. I am me. That can’t be taken away. I’m in love with writing jokes. I also enjoy talking with people afterwards, especially the ones who wanna get to know me better. I’m always interested in what they think they know about me after listening for an hour and 10 mins ish. How good of a storyteller am I? I can imagine that I have room to grow. Plenty. All my favorite comedians have been doing it for at least 17 years. Many don’t understand the time and work that must be put in to achieve success. An artform like making people laugh doesn’t seem like it would take so much time, but it is very time consuming. 
Well, I’m getting up now to get that hot tea and it just hit me that I may have to sit next to that loud woman on the plane. She’s a beautiful person, she just has no concept of sound control. She didn’t have a caucasion mother to explain Inside Voice. There has to be material there.