Last night after the show, I’m walking back to my hotel room alone after having two amazing shows. This is not one of my smartest moves, but I felt safe and that’s why I did it. I’m in the downtown streets of Dallas Fort Worth, and its busy, but as I keep walking it lessens. At one point when I’m a block away from the hotel, a 5’6″ pudgy dude walks up to me and he’s like, “Bro, don’t let me get rolled on!” He looks scared and is clearly intoxicated, and he’s like, “Bro I got your back, don’t let me get rolled on!” Then I look back and this dude is being followed. He thinks this guy is gonna shoot him, and he wants my help. Now I’m scared, but playing it cool, and trust, I’ve been in many situations, but nothing even close to this. We’re walking side by side at a rapid pace, and he’s pleading with me, he’s panicking, and I’m not saying anything, just surveying the scene. Now its like we’re both being followed. I start getting flashes of my family and things that I love and start thinking about my escape. The potential gunman, who I can’t really describe b/c it was so dark, has sped up his pace behind us. Now we’re coming up on a corner and I’m like, “Look, dude. As soon as we hit this corner, you smash left.” There’s no traffic or people around. Boom! We hit the corner. Pudgy drunk dude breaks left and I break right. I got far enough away that I can look back and notice that the gunman is now walking in the opposite direction. I hook another corner and I’m back inside my hotel room. I just start praying. I can’t sleep. I just sit up, stuck on frightening thoughts of what coulda been, and if this was my last day, am I proud of how I’m living.
Other than having the chills, I can’t stop thinking of all the petty issues that we face, and grudges we hold, and stuff that’s really not that serious. Be well. 1/12/13