An Old Comedy Sunday Night

Just finished doing my third set in 3 different locations tonight. That is the essence of the grind, knowing that hard work is required for success, and loving the work. The love part is a bonus. I live a different type of comedian life, at least from many other comedians that I hang with. My time is limited b/c I have to balance it with family. Not an easy task. Family’s first. They have to be covered on all angles. Comedy requires A LOT of time and is the means to support the family financially. Its all a machine. To me its amazing that I’ve created this all from bottom to top. You know, I live a no holds barred comedy regime. I will perform anywhere just to be on stage. If I turn something down, its most likely b/c of a promoter involved that didn’t make the circumstances enjoyable. OR, now that I’m famous, I guess time is an issue too.