Another Hotel Room

Who cares about air quality? My sinuses are messed up anyway. I don’t mind this small mysterious room with curtains hanging off the wall and a microwave sitting half ass on the minifridge. That’s safe. At least my room telephone works tonight. I’m not picky. I am wondering why housekeeping chose to leave this handprint on the wall, maybe this is some sort of local tradition that I haven’t quite caught onto yet. At least their isn’t a dead guy in the closet. You know why, because this room is so small, I don’t have a closet. The bed is soft, but the room is so small when I get off of the bed, I’m touching the wall. That’s an odd location for a lightswitch. I hope you’re not short or you’re gonna have to throw an old shoe at it to turn it on. This is supposed to be a wall tv but its not a flatscreen and it looks heavy. If something snaps, its gonna land on the guide to Its Nothing To Do In Iowa. I have enjoyed my stay. I have time to reflect on all the things that I have to be thankful for. I love crappy towns. Yes, I use the word “crap.” Comedy brings such beautiful new experiences.