Are They Doing It?

Weirdest thing happened or maybe it wasn’t so weird. I walk into a business that I always go to. Today, I was in way earlier than I normally go. So, as I’m pulling into the parking lot, the owner pulls in and one of his employees is in the passenger seat. It didn’t seem too strange at first thought. Then as she’s getting out, the first thing she says is, “Its not how it looks.” Ok… so now its interesting. Where at first I didn’t care, now this has turned into a talk show. I didn’t think it looked like anything, but now I guess they are getting it on. I still don’t really care. I haven’t blogged in a while and this happened today, so why not. Sometimes things are newsworthy by default. He defended it by saying, “Yeah, we live on the same block.” Smooth buddy. These were the two guiltiest people that I’ve encountered in some time. I’m glad people are in the streets enjoying each other romantically.