Are You a Cheapass for Using COUPONS?

Why is it we have a struggling economy, but you still get looked down upon when you whip out a coupon. All it is, is a means to save money. What’s so bad about that? Coupons are like crushes, you don’t want to admit you have them, but its normal. What’s so weird about it? Is it that you took the time to look, or you cut it out so neatly, or you didn’t tell anyone so you could all save. I bet if you whipped out a coupon for everyone, you would be a hero. They would call you Coupon Man. He saved the day and some money. When you’re dating you really can’t whip one out, but when you’re married, you’re cool for doing that. Thats a sign of love. That means you did research. If your date whips out a coupon, you have to know, you have found someone “real.” Even worse, I don’t know if you know this, but if you whip out a coupon in Los Angeles, it will immediately catch fire. Its illegal there, I saw it happen.

WHAT I HATE… I hate when I go through the line and I forget to give it to them and they try to tell me its too late then we have to call the manager to get the .75 cents.