Auditioning For Television

Auditioning in Hollywood is so exhausting. Sometimes, I wonder what I got myself into. I’m worn out, and I wear it well but now you’ll know. It’s so much to it. I respect talented acting so much, and I know that it’s an art form and like anything that you have to work at it to become amazing. Everyone thinks they’re a natural, and you might be but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. I’m getting more call backs than I ever received in my career. I’m even “testing” for sitcoms which is a big deal. I know a little bit, but there’s so much to it. Who you know is huge. You can kill an opportunity, but sometimes factors out of your control can take over. Anything can happen. They could love you, but you’re not tall enough, or there’s already 3 black people, and that’s kinda the quota. In my life right now, even the doors at the grocery store are closed, so I can’t go back there for work. I keep getting close and that’s hard. It’s like making it to the championship, but not winning the title. I’m exhausted. I’m not taking for granted any opportunity, so that’s good, but man. I have to take power naps just to operate. Once I do finally land something, I’m already prepared for the work it’s gonna take.