Last night after the show, I’m walking back to my hotel room alone after having two amazing shows. This is not one of my smartest moves, but I felt safe and that’s why I did it. I’m in the downtown streets of Dallas Fort Worth, and its busy, but as I keep walking it lessens. […]

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Another Hotel Room

Who cares about air quality? My sinuses are messed up anyway. I don’t mind this small mysterious room with curtains hanging off the wall and a microwave sitting half ass on the minifridge. That’s safe. At least my room telephone works tonight. I’m not picky. I am wondering why housekeeping chose to leave this handprint […]

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In my buddy’s mansion

In a mansion My buddy owns it. You look around in amazement and think you can achieve THIS from telling jokes, and then the bigger picture is you can achieve anything if you follow your dreams. My goals started at different levels. First I wanted to work the local club, then I wanted to be […]

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