Do I Use a Pillow?

So the answer is “NO”. I don’t use a pillow. I know you’ve been wondering and not even when I’m on the plane. I just throw a sweatshirt hood over 76 Fro to protect it from dust or harm and I lay on it. The cushion is much softer than any pillow could provide. I do own a few pillows but really, they’re just taking up space. I’m not here to try to put the pillow industry out of business. I have a wife with a big head and she uses multiple pillows. They’re not even stacked, they’re lined up. Her head is gigantic. If I had her head, my teeth would look like Altoid Smalls or tic tacs. Anyways, I’m not gonna allow her head to take up all the space on this post. This is about how great and handy it is to have big hair. This message has been approved by Afro E Winfield.