I wake up in a random bed with soft ass pillows and I thank God. Next, I decide if I made it in time for hotel lobby coffee or do I have to hit the nearby shop. I love coffee and even though I don’t drink it everyday, I can appreciate a potent cup. I drink coffee for that same reason I drink alcohol… for the effects. I’m sipping on a cup now and there are pages of notes in front of me, and I review what I’ve been working on and where can I insert it. Most of the time when I’m working on something new I want to open with it because I want to hear it so bad. Many say thats a comedy no-no, but the success of the standup is taking risks and trusting the gut. I’m older now and that makes much more sense and I mean older in my comedy years. Next, I say some stuff to myself out loud to hear how it sounds. Then I look at older stuff and see if I can add one more line to it. Boring right?

In about a day, I’m taping a set for HBO Canada, and I have a similar feeling like when I recorded for Showtime. There’s nothing thats not allowed. I can do whatever I want to do. I’m gonna leave it at that, but I will tell you now before it airs, I FEEL REALLY GOOD. I’m in a good place, me and my lady aren’t fighting, my thinking is clear. My family is the most important aspect of my life.