House Guest Normally Suck!!

How do you know when you’ve exhausted the time that you should stay with someone? You can’t always wait for people to kick you out. There’s a lot of people who won’t even kick you out, they’ll just begin to hate you more and more each day until you can feel it, and then you decide that you should probably go. Should how long you’re gonna stay be discussed the day you arrive? Should you just be like, “Oh well.” People are more likely not to mind you if you don’t disrupt they style of their living. Can they live as they did before you showed up? And more times than not, the answer is NO. If you have a guest and you like to walk around naked, you should share that info. Thats enough for me to not want to stay (if you’re a dude). If you have a killer pitbull, I’ll pass. If you keep loaded weapons in every room, I’ll pass. If you like robbing your past guests, I’ll pass. If the bathroom is your only available room, I’ll pass.