I Already Know

I performed tonight and it went really well. Signed a few autographs for ppl who simply believed in my future. They didn’t care about credits, they just decided they wanted me to sign stuff for them. I don’t think all the people really wanted autographs, I think the others saw what was happening and decided that made sense for them as well. Nothing is weird to me anymore, I’ve had people wait outside to “accidentally” run into me for a conversation. I’ve had people flag me to pull over in traffic. Tonight a woman asked was my mother a comedian b/c she thinks she knows her. I said I don’t think so, unless my mom is touring behind my back. Most of the time, the world moves too fast for me, but anything comedy related goes really slow. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting energy trying to figure out the world. Doesn’t matter, I’m living off of so much love that comes to me constantly. I’m incredibly grateful, and still trying to figure out why. Why?