If I Was A Pimp

I wouldn’t slap them. I would say, “Don’t do that again girl, I’M TELLING YOU!! You’d better watch it.” Everyday I would tell them that there are better ways to make money, but if you enjoy this, there is no reason to leave. We all have a different calling, maybe this is yours and who am I to get you off track of your life’s purpose. Someone has to do it, I guess. If they wanted to get off early, I would allow them to every once in a while. I would say, “Ok, but don’t make this a habit.” I wouldn’t even ask her what’s going on. Its really none of my business. Maybe its the kids or her day job or something. If she was to become pregnant, there is NO and I say NO maternity leave. This business is hard enough and she should know how to protect herself properly. Maybe after the baby I would allow her to come back to work. I would even organize the baby shower, but if and when she comes back, she’d better not bring the baby to work and expect me to do the baby sitting. I don’t play that, even if its mine.