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1.SexyNEducated i saw him @ punchline sacramento last night and if he was the main event Our party would of walked out. 2. So he came to my school and I thought “he looks like one of us….well one of me at least.” The white people tried to stifle their laughs when he brought out the race card. I was laughing so hard my chest hurt. -Breanna 3. “Hey Mike, great show tonight. I was in Vegas last week and I saw Carrot Top. Your show blew his away.” -Ryan from Oshkosh University 4.I saw him perform in Sac. He had me and my gf in tears when he pointed out how different a face can look just by tilting your head up and down. I was telling my lady the same thing a week ago but his delivery on stage was priceless. Happy to creepy. -Tesh 5. I was visiting a friend in sacramento and we went to the punchline when you were there last month and i laughed until I cried, you were hilarious! I went to rooster t feathers yesterday excited that you were going to be there and you weren’t there! I was really bummed about it sad -Sara