Miss My Girls Softball Team

I use to play girl’s softball until one day this aggressive left hander hit me with the pitch and I felt like she did it on purpose. That was the second inside pitch in a row, and remember she’s left handed and I bat right, so it was forced, so I rushed the mound and tackled her before anyone else could come in between us. She was cussing, calling me a chump, and said I needed to stop telling jokes about ugly girls. That’s when I knew it was personal. I had her pinned down, and someone was pulling on my neck and I couldn’t breathe really, but I yelled to her that I wasn’t even talking about her and she needs to grow up and be a fan or stop coming to my shows being all judgmental. I did all that while being choked. I got ejected which was messed up b/c I’m the one who got hit and battered. I also hold the record as the only dude ever to get thrown out of a girl’s softball game in the Rancho Cordova Woman’s Softball League. I still don’t know who was choking me from the back.