Moments After Performing his network debut on David Letterman

Click here to view the video of the Moments After Walking off the Ed Sullivan Theater’s Stage

This insight is an hour after performing on The Late Show

Just got off of David Letterman’s stage. Yes, the adrenaline rush is in effect. My heart is pumping and I have nothing to do now. Nope, my excitement is about to dwindle. No crazy after parties, no long line of groupies waiting for my ring to fall off, just a couple of paparazzi.  When I left I signed a few autographs but next stop is to hit the room with my plate of fruit and cue cards that Dave just read from. I have a cousin in town and I think he wants to go out to dinner and I am hungry. All I ate today was some soup from that soup guy that Seinfeld goes to. This is not what one would envision after just recording what could be easily one of the biggest performances of my life. I’m glad its over and amazed that I didn’t get nervous. I really prepared for this night, and that is softly spoken. Did I EVER think I would be on the David Letterman show? No. Things just happen and I am thankful afterwards. Who knows what’s next. I’m just gonna continue to put in the hard work and believe in myself and watch these amazing opportunites fall into place. If you’re on twitter, follow me.