New Business Hours

Yes its four o’clock in the morning but I’ve did just about every duty that I can do as the man of the house. This is my only time alone unless I’m in another state or country. It’s so quiet and beautiful at this very second. The only noise I can hear is my fingers typing and the snoring of a mysterious infant. In order for this greatness thing to manifest, I have adopted new hours. If this is the time when I’m going to have to write and structure, what other options do I have. Did I tell you? I signed with Gersh Agency. Anyways, I’m looking forward to the new year like I look forward to the next hour. I’m ready to fight. I’m about to learn how to not sleep. It just gets in the way anyways. I’ve been playing Boggle lately so my mind is sharper than penguin nipples. Thanks for sharing this brief time, but back to work.