New Hour Special on Amazon Prime

Let’s get personal. Well I have a one hour special releasing on Amazon Prime. They’re taking a huge gamble in releasing standup specials and I’m one of the eight that are going to release. Call me ecstatic and forever grateful. When you perform jokes and post them, nowadays you just want someone to share it and Amazon has decided to share mine and they have a substantial amount of followers. I have a lot of support from amazing fans and friends that are family and family that have always been family. That was probably confusing. I have love from the streets and I always give back. This time is different. It just is and I can barely articulate the feelings. I’m proud of many of my performances, I mean, I’ve been nominated for an Emmy award for a drama, but I’m especially grateful to showcase an hour of stand up comedy. I know how easily all of this could be gone. I’m sincerely thanking Amazon for taking the chance on a guy who’s never had his own half hour, let alone, full hour to showcase some premise, setups and punch lines. Hopefully this will continue to open doors. My special is called STEPMAN