OLD MOVIE REVIEW: The Players Club

I just watched the movie The Players Club with Ice Cube and Bernie Mac and LisaRaye. What happened to movies like that? Yes it was about a strip club, but it was actually tasteful. Jamie Foxx was funny in this movie as well. He played an up and coming DJ that loved one of the main dancers, and seemed to be playing true to himself. There was one hoe named Ronnie, who if I saw her in person, I would be very afraid. I didn’t read the credits to catch her real name, but I would have put money on it that she was a man. I didn’t get a good look at her neck. She was tough and scary. Who casted this dude? They need an award. If I showed up with her at the party, people would say, “Who’s he?” I bet she could dunk. She probably pees standing up. She could get a girl pregnant. This movie is a must have in your collection.