On the set of THE OFFICE


I’m sitting on the set waiting for my scene to be shot, and I’m watching the same talented actors that you have seen in everything, on top of The Office that you get to watch every Thurs night. What a day. Indescribable feeling. It’s like, “I’m here?”  I wasn’t nervous where I felt gittery, it was more like when you’re first with a woman. “I can’t believe this is happening right now.” The team of staff members make you feel so comfortable that you’re able to perform at your best. It’s a winning atmosphere that sets you up for success. At one point, I thought Wow, this counts as work.

We just cracked jokes with each other while we sat around. The down time was used for snacking on the food from the caterers. They also told me that I could wait inside my trailer if I wished until my next scene was ready to shoot, but I opted to stick around on set and watch it live. I figured that I would learn more by being around the action, plus, I had the “up and coming” actor’s trailer, which was smaller and my hair was wiping against the ceiling.