Oscars So White

Most people don’t care about battles that don’t affect them personally. I’m not using all my energy for dolphin abuse. I love dolphins and don’t have anything against them, but I have more immediate issues to fight. I don’t want an Oscar if you’re just gonna give it to me for some kind of sympathy reward. As long as my work is respected, and my moneys coming in, let it be. What’s next, are they gonna make an Affirmative Action Oscar rule, so now every time you win, there will be an asterisk next to your name. I’m good. Will I get more money if I win an Oscar… Yes. I say let it stay racist. Every year, when they continue to overlook nominations and winners, they’re just gonna lose credibility. I’ve found that I’ve received more praise for coming in second when some felt I should’ve been first.

What if it’s the longest running inside joke ever. They’re in a a private room deciding the nominations, and they’re like, “Hey, we’re gonna do it again!” #OscarsSoWhite