Well, I’m glad that you made it here.You can now access my website in so many different ways. If you made it here by pickleheadbitch, that to me, has to be the funniest avenue to travel. So many people don’t believe that is really it. Some things are really amazing. Its amazing to me that people wear t-shirts with my silly face on them. When I grew up struggling on the mean streets, dodging bullets in Baltimore, I never could have imagined some of interesting lifestyles that I would encounter, some of the places that I would travel. I just keep going and something new is in front of me. Thats all that we can do, is continue moving. Ups and downs will come our way, but you can’t prepare for the good and bad. Sometimes, it just is. Hope your day today is amazing. Guess what, something great is gonna happen to you really soon. Something you were not even ready for, then you’re gonna recall back to this message, and think…. Pickle Head Bitch!!!!