Sensitive people should just leave the room. So I’m performing at a college and in the showroom there was a popcorn machine. At one point during the show we all could hear the kernels popping ferociously and I said that I need to get more laughs if we can hear the popcorn machine. Then an older gentleman speeds over and attempts to silence the popping and it look like he punched over 30 buttons and nothing was fixed. Still loud popping. So I said something AND I reinacted it. I’m a comedian, that’s what I do  and stating the obvious is the number 1 rule. It was funny to me to see a guy bolt over to the popcorn machine and get no results, and hit as many buttons as he did. I told the crowd that I was glad he was here, because you never know when you’re gonna need a Popcorn Technician. I also mentioned how he applied for the position. “Yes, I’m here to apply for the Popcorn Technician.” 
Hiring person says, “Well, we could always use one of those… I guess.” 
PT, “When do I start?”
Hiring person, “Our first comedy show is Friday night.”
PT, “Yes!!”
I felt like there was no harm done, I even used him as a reference to other jokes. We were having a grand ole time. Show was excellent and original. One of my best. Afterwards, the guy playing the role of Popcorn Technician just happened to be chairman for campus activities and we talked about it and shared some laughs. That show was on a Friday night. Well, on the following Tuesday, I get a call from my agency, chewing me out about the show. I laughed for our entire conversation b/c I was waiting for her to say she was joking, and she never did. Honestly, I’m still not sure if this was a joke, but I know even though the show was amazing, I won’t be returning to the college in Fredricksburg, Virginia.