Scared Straight For Girls

I’m watching Scared Straight, the young girl edition. Man, I’m afraid. These chicks are HARD. That is a frightening lifestyle and I am not that funny to make them laugh the entire time so they won’t whip me. I watched an episode a long time ago where one of the convicts thought the kid was laughing and they kept smacking him around. Well, the kid had a condition that his face would smurk when he was extremely nervous. That’s what would happen to me. They would beat my ass for thinking something was funny. One of the lifers said, “PUT YOUR HANDS TO YOUR SIDE. HOW MANY TIMES WE HAVE TO TELL YOU.” Thats all I would need to hear. I think I would break for the gate and take the risk of the snipers taking me out. Please continue to support my comedy so I don’t have to become incarcerated. That’s what would happen.