Its the night before and I keep telling people that I’m driving to Gillionville, GA, and out of fifteen plus people, no one has even heard of this place. So, in a joking way, I’m thinking “what if my agent is setting me up?” This drive was the darkest 3 hour drive that I’ve ever done. The accents from these people here sound like 40 years ago. The show is actually tomorrow and I’m chilling out at this very cozy hotel. The front of this place looks like a scary movie, and the guy at the desk was shocking,  but other than that all is well. I bumped into some comedy friends back in Atlanta and there’s nothing like comedy talk. But back to this scary situation. This is why blogs exist. No one really knows what goes on with comedians off the court. This could be the greatest show of all time for me, but if you could see my location, I think a prison would fit better here than a college. I’m writing this so everyone is clear about my whereabouts. I’m at the Merry Acres in Albany, Georgia.