Sex Tape

I hope my sex tape with the senior citizen never surfaces. I don’t want that type of fame, even though I don’t regret it. My homie was like, “Why not? Fame is fame.” No it’s not. That would haunt me for my entire career. I would always be the guy that wore out Betty Mae Henson. There’s some sick people in our world and I don’t want any part of the pornography industry. You can like or love my jokes, but no one needs to know about my spectacular private moves. I didn’t even know they had cameras in the Home. I was just doing a routine drop off to one of the elder gentleman that says he has cataracts and back pain. I was like, “Sir, you don’t have to claim both. You still get it.” Then outta no where from around a corner her comes Betty with jokes and fresh baked goods, two of my favorite things.