Stupid Children Names

KEEP YOUR CHILD IN MIND WHEN YOU NAME THEM. They’re the ones who have to live with the name. Just because you thought it would be cute to name your child Sandwich Chips Harrison doesn’t mean other kids in school won’t beat their ass for no reason. “It felt good at the time” is not a good enough reason to ruin your child’s life. A low percentage of people actually go through the process of changing their name, so its a bad position to be in. There is never gonna be a president or powerful person named Orangejello. I’m sorry Orangejello if you’re reading this, but you’re destined for failure. Every day people are laughing at you. You have a better chance becoming a comedian and talking about that the entire time. If you name your children something stupid, you’re selfish and you needed to hear this. That’s mean and unjust. Meanwhile your name is common like John or Sarah. How could you be so dirty!! Thx Cindy. I cut this short. This could have gone on much longer. And also, thankyou Mom and Dad for naming me Michael. It helped.