Thanksgiving Weekend @ Sacramento Punchline

Punchline Comedy Club in Sacramento, CA is one the places where I first hit the stage, and now I get the headline. It feels like that is what I’m supposed to do. This is all part of the process, and headlining a full weekend in the town where you began is in line on the path. The town is fully supportive, they go all out when it comes to having my back. Much love. I was carded the other night in some bar during a comedy show, and that was the joke of the night b/c I guess I’m supposed to be some local superhero. As far as Thanksgiving weekend, I’m working with one of buddies that I started comedy with. Key Lewis. Very funny dude with similar issues. One major issue that I can’t relate to is that he’s half black and half white and he looks Mexican. What a terrible problem to have, I’m just glad to have large protruding teeth. There’s six shows.