What I’m Gonna Do W/ the $10,000

When I win this competition the first thing I’m gonna do is stare at the check for 4 days. Maybe 5, depending on what day the last day falls on. That’s still a lot of money to me at once. Then I’ll tell my wife that I won on that fifth day once I’m done staring. Depending on how she’s acting at the time, I’ll tell her that I placed first or fourth. That’s a joke. She’ll read the results online. I don’t really need rims, I need a car, but I’m not buying one. I’ll probably hit the strip club if my wife wants to go. She won’t let me go alone. I’m too charismatic. After I’m done dropping 30 over there, I’m definitely going out to eat at Noble Veg, that’s this Vietnamese Vegetarian restaurant. Super good. Then I’ll cash the rest and put it in my pillow case, so I can sleep on a money pillow. Next week I think I’m taking tap dancing lessons. I’m doing different things this weekend so I can get different results.