What is really “Making It?”

What exactly is “Makin It?” First thought for many is riches. When I don’t need medical insurance and I can just walk into the hospital and pay for the bill I’ve made it.” Makin It” can’t be as simple as a dollar amount. It has to be a combination of other successful aspects. Does “Makin It” always have to involve money? I guess that depends on who you ask. It irritates me when someone thinks you’re there just b/c of how much money is in your account. Some of us aren’t motivated by cash or women, some of us just have a natural love and drive to be great. Granted, I do enjoy the attention, but I always knew that I didn’t want a traditional lifestyle. I didn’t want the typical 9-5 workday or even a boss for that matter, I always could push myself to get what I wanted. I’m not sure if I will ever “Make It” b/c I’m always looking for more. Anything else in my mind is settling. I could have stopped after my few other television credits, but where would I be? Wanna hear my joy? I can officially call myself a comedian. I performed on The Late Show w/ David Letterman. That’s a milestone that looks amazing on paper and one day when my children understand what I do for a living, they’ll know that I wasn’t wasting anyone’s time. I owe much of my success to the understanding that this isn’t about me. I’m not here for myself, I’ve been put here to touch the hearts of others. I’m like a preacher without the the preach. When someone is taking an hour out of their life to laugh with me, is the time when they forget about any of the hardships or losses going on in their life. I soothe the soul, and to be able to walk on any stage and share ideas that make me smile fulfilling another person’s life with joy is really where I “Make It.” Aside from the blah blah, I love my job.