I’m sitting in the car right now while she’s in the Whole Food grocery store. I’ve been somewhat reflecting lately. I don’t think anyone does it alone. I mean people don’t succeed without aid. There are many people who I have to thank for just how far that I have already came. I realized that I’ve always done my own thing and no matter how different they said I was, I just stuck to it. I hate when someone has to go way out of their way to say that are responsible for all of your successes. That’s a selfish belief. Giving is supposed to be cheerful. Mr. Myaigi didn’t hassle Daniel Son for even a payment. I never ask for anything in return for what I’ve given to anyone. I was taught that you don’t give to receive, so stop waiting for your gift basket. You know how many gift baskets I would have to give out, that could take years. I do appreciate and am thankful. Pay it forward. Believe that. Man, I’ve been sitting in this car for a long time and its hot. She’s probably never coming out. Women can be so inconsiderate when it comes to shopping for anything, even groceries, even eggs. And she always wants to be in there talking to the employess like they’re her real friends. I’m her only real friend and she has me in the car burning up. She didn’t even leave the keys, like I’m gonna pull off and strand her. Oh yeah, I don’t have keys.