Wyoming and Montana

I just left Wyoming and Montana, and actually had fun. It’s cool sometimes being the only black person in a state. The driving part wasn’t cool. I was driving up a snowy hill like I was Shelia on Why Did I Get Married 1. I never want to have that experience again. Two lane highway full of ice. I got into the game for jokes, not for any more near death experiences. People always say its all about the story, well this time it wasn’t nothing funny about almost sliding off the road into a chicken shed. One time I pulled over so this 4WD truck could pass by me. My car started sliding down the hill into the ditch. I had to lean to the left then slightly hit the reverse pedal at about 2mph, like I was in some action/adventure movie. I was like, “Man, if I fall into a ditch, that would be kinda funny.” I saw wild animals. I mean like no fence, just horses and elk. Then I saw a sign that said bear crossing. Why am I not in LA?